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    CUBAN (264)

    Cuban cigars are cigars manufactured in Cuba from tobacco grown within that island nation. Historically regarded as among the world's “finest”, they are synonymous with the island's culture and contribute nearly one quarter of the value of all exports from the country.
  • New World

    New World (34)

    New World is a cigar blended by AJ Fernandez to commemorate this momentous occasion. Deep and darkly hued Nicaraguan wrappers cradle a fortified pairing of long-filler core components from three key regions in Nicaragua with medium to full-bodied notes of earth, spicy espresso and sharp, sweet hints of dark chocolate.

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Thinking why you should order Cuban cigars online from us? Well we have a lot of reasons we can give you why we are the best place to buy or order Cuban cigars from us. Firstly, we ensure that our cigars are original by ethically sourcing them directly from Cuba. Currently, there are a lot of people brandishing fake cigars out there. so we set out to make a difference by providing you with real and authentic Cuban cigars. Below are the available Cuban cigar brands we have available

Wide Variety of Cigars

We have a wide variety of cigars to choose from, all handcrafted with the finest of Cuban leaves. You can find all sorts of cigars, whether you are looking for something mild or something strong. We offer a full selection of Cuban cigars from top brands, including Cohiba, Partagas, Romeo y Julieta, and Montecristo.

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We only source Cuban cigars from official and reliable manufacturers in Cuba. You get the real deal for the best prices. Each cigar is hand-selected and inspected to ensure only the best cigars are stocked and sent out. All of our cigars are handmade using only the finest leaves grown in Cuba, so you can experience the finest flavor and aroma.

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  • Bolivar

    Bolivar (8)

    Buy Bolivar cigar online, The Bolivar brand of cigars is one of the most famous brands of Cuban cigars, first introduced in 1901 by Jose F. Rocha but wasn’t actually registered in Havana until 1921. The name comes from the famous South-American revolutionary, Simon Bolivar, who liberated countries such as Venezuela, Columbia, Peru and Bolivia. After Rocha’s death, the company…
  • Cohiba

    Cohiba (27)

    Buy Cohiba Cigars Online, The Cuban Cohiba brand of cigars, established in 1968, is regarded as one of the best cigar brands in the world producing some of the highest quality cigars from the highest quality tobacco. The name ‘Cohiba’ comes from the Taino (pre-Columbian inhabitants of the Bahamas) word meaning tobacco and true to the word the cigars are…
  • Cuaba

    Cuaba (8)

    Buy Cuaba cigar online, Just like the cigars which first made Havanas world famous at the end of the 19th century. Cuabas are figurados or 'shaped' cigars - bulbous in the middle and pointed at both ends. This unusual shape leads to a remarkable first few puffs which consist entirely of the flavour of the wrapper leaf. Once into the…
  • Diplomaticos

    Diplomaticos (2)

    Buy diplomaticos cigar online, This brand was introduced in 1966 as essentially a second value line of the Montecristo brand, primarily aimed at the French market. One of the few Havana brands which is exclusively devoted to handmade cigars, the sizes and names essentially mirror the Montecristo nomenclature and the Diplimaticos line is produced at the Jose Marti factory, as…
  • El Rey del Mundo

    El Rey del Mundo (2)

    Buy El Rey del Mundo cigar online, The Cuban cigar brand of El Rey Del Mundo was believed to be first created in 1848 by German businessman Emilio Ohmstedt who also created Sanch Panza cigars. After Ohmstedt’s death the Cuban cigar company was passed on to Antonio Allones sometime around 1882. El Rey Del Mundo, or ‘King of the World’…
  • Fonseca

    Fonseca (4)

    Buy Fonseca cigars online, The image of Francisco Fonseca, who developed this brand in 1906, still adorns the box today. Only in limited distribution, the Fonseca brand is considered to exhibit a rich but mild flavour. Buy your Fonseca cigars online from us and you can be assured you are receiving the finest grade of tobacco as your cigars will…
  • Guantanamera

    Guantanamera (4)

    Buy Guantanamera cigars online, Guantanamera cigars are a relatively new cigar having been created and released in 2002, this cigar is now one of our most popular budget priced Cuban cigars. The brand was named after perhaps Cubas' most well known song "Guajira Guantanamera" (Spanish for peasant girl from Guantánamo") by Joseito Fernández.which can be heard in just about every…
  • H. Upmann

    H. Upmann (22)

    Buy H. Upmann cigar online, H. Upmann is the brand name of a premium cigar manufacturer. H. Upmann produce cigars in two regions, one being the island of Cuba where Habanos SA monopolise the tobacco industry (the Cuban state owned tobacco company) and the other region being La Romana in the Dominican Republic produced for the Franco-Spanish tobacco monopoly, Altadis…
  • Hoyo de Monterrey

    Hoyo de Monterrey (16)

    Buy hoyo de monterrey cigars online, Don Jose Gener emigrated to Cuba from Spain at the age of thirteen where he worked on his uncles plantation in Vuelta Abajo. 20 years later in 1865, after opening a successful factory in Havana, he purchased one of the best tobacco farms in Vuelta Abajo and registered his new cigar brand, Hoyo de…
  • Jose L Piedra

    Jose L Piedra (6)

    Buy jose l piedra cigar online, Jose L. Piedra cigars came to light in a Cuba that hadn't met the revolution yet. In 1880 Vicente and Jose Lamadrid Piedra created Jose L. Piedra as a commercial brand and, apart from a brief 6 year break in 1990, they are still creating some of the most popular Cuban cigars in the…
  • Juan Lopez

    Juan Lopez (5)

    Buy juan lopez cigar online, One of the few Havana brands which is offered only in handmade styles, started in 1876 by Juan Lopez Diaz. The range of sizes is limited, but the workmanship is first-rate and the flavour is considered to be medium to strong, with light and almost aromatic overtones. A sampling of this cigar may develop into…
  • La Flor de Cano

    La Flor de Cano (2)

    Buy la flor de cano cigars online, All cigars within the La Flor de Cano range are handmade using leaves grown in one of the most popular Cuban tobacco regions, Vuelta Abajo and Semi Vuelta zones. This short filler cigar has a medium body making it ideal for those who seek an easy going Cuban smoke.
  • La Gloria Cubana

    La Gloria Cubana (1)

    Buy la gloria cubana cigars online, The La Gloria Cubana brand was created in 1885 by the Sociedad Cabañas y Castro, then bought twenty years later in 1905 by José F. Rocha, who manufactured the brand from his factory at 364 Miguel Street in Havana. After Rocha's death in 1954, the Cifuentes family bought both La Gloria Cubana and Bolivar…
  • Montecristo

    Montecristo (36)

    Buy Montecristo cigar online,  The brand of Montecristo is the single most popular brand of Havana cigars with the benchmark petit corona (or mareva) Montecristo no.4 being the best selling Havana cigar in the world. Additions to the range in recent years include the hugely popular Edmundo and Petit Edmundo. The highly rated limited editions: Montecristo D, Sublimes and Grand…
  • Partagas

    Partagas (22)

    Buy Partagas cigars online,  Established in Havana in the year 1845, Partagás is one of the oldest cigar brands. In 1845 Don Jaime Partagás y Ravelo set up his own factory, Real Fábricas de Tobaco Partagás, after his long term employment in the Cuban tobacco business. The factory is located at 60 Industria Street, Havana. The name of the Cuban…
  • Por Larranaga

    Por Larranaga (5)

    Buy Por Larranaga cigar online, Two cigar brands form to make up Por Larranaga, one being Cuban grown for Habanos SA and the other produced in the Dominican Republic and Honduras for Imperial Tobacco’s Altadis division. Por Larranaga was formed by Ignacio Larranaga in 1834 and by the closing stages of the 19th Century had become a very revered and…
  • Punch

    Punch (8)

    Buy Punch Cigar online, Punch - Medium flavour - Don Manuel Lopez of J. Valle & Co founded Punch in the 1840s, with the British market in mind where the humorous magazine of the same name was much in vogue. A contended Mr Punch, cigar in hand, remains a feature on the labels of each box of these long-appreciated medium…
  • Quai d'orsay

    Quai d'orsay (4)

    Buy quai d'orsay cigars online, The Quai D'Orsay cigar brand was created in 1973 mainly to appeal to the growing French market. The French market was more open to the milder taste with a lighter wrapper hence why the Quai D'Orsay introduced there Corona cigars with a lighter shaded Claro Claro wrapper. As this fashion died out in the late…
  • Quintero

    Quintero (7)

    Buy Quintero Cigar online, Quintero started off in the tobacco industry, which all began in a small factory (chinchal) a south east city of Cienfuegos. The Las Villas province of Cuba during the 1920's. In 1940, their reputation had enabled them to move to La Havana, where they had introduce this blend manufactured exclusively with using Vuelta Abajo leaf tobacco.…
  • Rafael Gonzalez

    Rafael Gonzalez (2)

    Buy Rafael Gonzalez cigar online, Rafael Gonzalez is a current pre-revolution cigar brand that first came to light under the name of La Flor de Marquez. The brand was established circa 1928 but the trademark wasn’t registered until 1936. Rafael Gonzalez cigars are made in the famous Romeo y Julieta factory, the brand was first developed with the British market…
  • Ramon Allones

    Ramon Allones (5)

    Buy Ramon Allones cigar online, Ramon Allones - Full flavour - In 1837 Ramon Allones, a recent immigrant from Galicia in Spain, founded his brand. He set his mark on the Havana trade by originating the use of colourful lithographs to decorate his boxes, an innovation soon copied by his competitors. Over a century and a half later the robust…
  • Romeo y Julieta

    Romeo y Julieta (36)

    Buy romeo y julieta cigar online, Romeo y Julieta is probably the most well-known brand of Cuban cigars having been established for over 130 years. The brand was first established in 1875 by Inocencio Alvarez and Mannin Garcia who took the name from Shakespeare's classic tragedy of the same name, Romeo and Juliette. The Romeo y Julieta logo displays a…
  • Saint Luis Rey

    Saint Luis Rey (2)

    Buy saint luis rey cigar online, Created in the 1940's by English cigar importers and named after the successful American film 'Bridge of San Luis Rey". The production of these finest Cuban cigars from Saint Luis Rey produces approximately 60,000 cigars each year. These are certainly considered one of the the best Havanas that are available on the market. What…
  • San Cristobal

    San Cristobal (7)

    Buy san cristobal cigar online, San Cristóbal is a current post-Revolution brand, launched in late 1999. The full brand name is San Cristóbal de la Habana, named after the original name for Havana and in honour of Christopher Columbus. The range comprises light to medium-strength cigars, using tobacco from the premium Vuelta Abajo region. The original 1999 release cigars were…
  • Sancho Panza

    Sancho Panza (2)

    Buy sancho panza cigar online, Sancho Panza - Medium flavour - First registered in 1848, Sancho Panza became part of the Rey del Mundo cigar company portfolio by the end of the nineteenth century. A portrait of Don Quixote's mischievous manservant adorns each box of these mellow tasting Habanos, which are now made under the supervision of the Romeo y…
  • Trinidad

    Trinidad (13)

    Buy Trinidad Cigar online, Trinidad cigars - Medium flavour - Once Havana's mystery brand. Reserved as Cuban government gifts from 1969 to 1998 when just one size - the Fundadores. Until recently It was eventually introduced to the public. Made at Cohiba's exclusive El Laguito factory, this rare cigar offers an approachable, well rounded, medium flavour with a distinct hint…
  • Vegas Robaina

    Vegas Robaina (4)

    Buy Vegas Robaina cigar online, Vegas Robaina cigars - Medium to full flavour. The Robaina family have farmed tobacco on their Vuelta Abajo vegas since 1845. This brand was introduced in 1997, is a tribute to the legendary skills of the present patriarch Alejandro Robaina. The cigars are made by the H. Upmann factory using wrappers grown exclusively on the…
  • Vegueros

    Vegueros (4)

    Buy vegueros cigar online, Vegueros brand was introduced to the market in 1996 and pays tribute to all the farmers who from generation to generation have cultivated tobacco in the * region, Cuba*. It is a tradition in the * zone, for the vegueros – farmers – to make their own cigars. Visitors to this part of * province were…

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    Arturo Fuente is a brand of cigar, founded by Arturo Fuente, Sr. in 1912 in West Tampa, Florida. Following a catastrophic fire in 1924, the brand ceased production for 22 years, reemerging in 1946 on a limited, local basis. Ownership was transferred to Arturo's younger son, Carlos Fuente, Sr. in 1958. Following the 1960 United States embargo of Cuba, the Fuente brand began a…

    E.P. CARILLO (2)

    E.P. CARRILLO’S PRODUCT SERIES Perez Carrillo Series Elite Series The Classics Series Dimension Series PEREZ CARRILLO SERIES Perez-Carrillo, as a name, has been known in the cigar industry for decades. Ernesto, like his father before him, and all those even earlier have all been integrally involved in making cigars for generations. This is the inspiration behind the Perez-Carrillo Series of…

    HORACIO (8)

    The cigar factory Horacio is located in Esteli, the cigar capital of Nicaragua. The assembly of the cigars Horacio is conceived starting from tobaccos of first choice. Its construction (the draw) is remarkable throughout its tasting. The cigar Horacio, it is: an Ecuadorian wrapper, a Costa Rican wrapper, a Nicaraguan filler.

    PADRON (11)

    With over fifty-four years to create a perfect cigar and more than 100 years to create a perfect legacy, the Padrón Family understands the significance of time. We deliver only the finest, handmade, complex cigars with the flavor of the Cuban heritage out of which the Padrón recipe was born. Our primary mission is the exceptional quality of our product,…

    TATUAJE (1)

    Tatuaje Cigars are produced by Pete Johnson, one of the most talented cigarmakers on the planet. His goal was to create a portfolio of premium cigars that are reminiscent of those forbidden gems made in Cuba. Tatuaje cigars are rolled at famed My Father™ Cigar factory in Nicaragua, and Pete’s all-star lineup boasts countless 90-plus ratings from Industry periodicals. The…

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