Buy Partagas cigars online,¬† Established in Havana in the year 1845, Partag√°s is one of the oldest cigar brands. In 1845 Don Jaime Partag√°s y Ravelo set up his own factory, Real F√°bricas de Tobaco Partag√°s, after his long term employment in the Cuban tobacco business. The factory is located at 60 Industria Street, Havana. The name of the Cuban cigar factory translates to ‚ÄėPartag√°s Royal Tobacco Factory‚Äô, chosen because Jaime supplied Asian and European nobles with cigars. Don Jaime had some of the best tobacco at his disposal as he owned a large amount of the greatest tobacco plantations in Vuelta Abajo, Cuba. This therefore meant some of the best plantations in the world belonged to him. Owning such valuable plantations meant that he could choose from the finest tobaccos, making the brand very successful. Don Jaime has experimented with multiple fermenting and aging processes for harvested tobacco and was also the first to hire a lector to read to workers in his factory as they rolled cigars.

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