Best Cuban cigars to smoke

What are the best Cuban cigars to smoke? This question has come up several times and it is for this reason that we assembled a list of our top cigar choice you should try. It should be noted that this list is from our own point of view and this is not to be considered as the absolute best as there are a lot of great Cuban cigars you can try.

In order to summarize things, this is a list of Cuban cigars you should definitely try;

1. The Montecristo N°4

If the Montecristo N°4 is still today the most sold Havana in the world, it is not without reason. With a careful manufacture and a mixture of tobacco resulting from the best plantations of the Vuelta Abajo, this Small Corona profits from a perfect construction and a rich and balanced aromatic pallet. There are earthy, herbal and spicy aromas as well as notes of roasted coffee, cocoa and vanilla.


2. The Churchill of Romeo y Julieta

Launched as Julieta No.2, the Churchill was later renamed in honor of the former British minister, whose favorite cigar it was. The most famous module of the brand Romeo y Julieta, it only started to be marketed on a large scale in 1947. This robust and complex cigar offers a medium strength and a subtle aromatic palette. From the moment it is lit, it unfolds a richly woody smoke that evolves into earthy and spicy aromas.


3. The Partagas Series D N°4

Handcrafted in the oldest Cuban factory in activity, the Partagas Series D N°4 is one of the most famous cigars in the world. It was also elected “4th best cigar of the year 2021” by the magazine Cigar Aficionado. With a perfectly uniform Colorado wrapper and a beautifully finished triple cap head, this Robusto seduces at first sight. Powerful and generous, it deploys aromas of wet earth and spices as well as notes of liquorice, caramel and roasted nuts.


4. The Cohiba Lanceros

Originally reserved for diplomatic gifts from the Cuban government, the Cohiba Lanceros was not widely marketed until 1982. Made in the famous El Laguito factory in Havana, it measures 192 mm long and 15 mm in diameter. This long and thin cigar offers a tasting time of between 90 minutes and 2 hours. As soon as it is lit, it unfolds honeyed and vegetal aromas that gradually give way to notes of leather and black pepper.


5. The Upmann Magnum 50

The most prestigious module of the Upmann cigar brand, the Upmann Magnum 50 is a Grand Robusto produced exclusively from the finest tobacco leaves of the Vuelta Abajo. Made entirely by hand, this powerful cigar offers notes of red fruits and spices as well as nuances of wood, vanilla and chocolate.


6. The Partagas 8-9-8

The second Partagas cigar in our ranking, the Partagas 8-9-8 has contributed to the Lonsdale module’s reputation. Voted “best Cuban cigar of the year 2014” by the magazine Cigar Lovermagazine, this habano takes its name from its presentation method. It is indeed exclusively sold in boxes of 25 cigars which all have 3 rows of 8, 9 and 8 cigars. Covered with a fat and silky Colorado Maduro wrapper, this dynamic cigar releases a rich and powerful aromatic palette. From the first third, we distinguish notes of humus and spices which evolve subtly towards notes of roasted coffee and roasted cocoa.


7. Hoyo de Monterrey The Hoyo de San Juan

The Hoyo de San Juan is entirely hand-rolled and made from tobacco grown exclusively in San Juan y Martínez. It is 150 mm long and has a diameter of 21 mm. Covered with a fat and imposing wrapper, which is reminiscent of the Epicure n°2 module, this generous cigar offers a medium to strong power and a subtle and complex aromatic palette. From the first puffs, it releases intoxicating woody aromas that mix with notes of gingerbread and roasted hazelnuts. The final, more marked, offers a creamy taste and spicy flavours of a big richness. 


8. Ramon Allones Specially Selected

The Ramon Allones Specially Selected is a beautifully constructed cigar dressed in a classic silky smooth Maduro wrapper. Both powerful and complex, this habano stands out with great consistency throughout the tasting. From the very first wisps, it releases an intoxicating smoke of great aromatic richness. Essentially woody, this Robusto also offers notes of coffee, roasted almonds, pepper and cocoa.


9. Romeo y Julieta Cedros De Luxe LCDH

Exclusively available at La Casa Del Habano, the Romeo Y Julieta Cedros de Luxe LCDH is a 141 mm long cigar with a ring gauge of calibre 50. It thus takes up the original format of the San Cristobal brand. Produced from the best tobaccos of the Vuelta Abajo region, this Gordito is marked by woody and earthy flavors that are released from the first puffs. There are also notes of fruit, cedar and bitter cocoa. With only a few hundred copies sold each year, this is a rare vitola that appeals to both Havana lovers and collectors.


10. The Cohiba Robusto Reserva Cosecha 2014

The Cohiba Robusto Reserva Cosecha 2014 is a prestigious cigar produced in limited edition. Presented at the Festival Del Habano 2018, there are only 5,000 boxes of 20 pieces each. The exceptional quality of this Robusto is based on a particularly successful aging process. Carefully selected from the best tobacco plants in the Vuelta Abajo region, each of the leaves used in its manufacture has been aged for more than 3 years. It is a cigar of medium to strong power that offers spicy aromas dominated by notes of roasted coffee and bitter cocoa.

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