Romeo y Julieta Decadence Sampler


This sampler contains…

1 x Romeo y Julieta Churchill Tubed Cigar – 1 Single (47 x 7″)
1 x Romeo y Julieta No. 2 Tubed Cigar – 1 Single (42 x 5 1/8″)
1 x Romeo y Julieta Mini Cigarillos – 1 x Pack of 10 (21 x 3 1/4″)
1 x Romeo y Julieta Wide Churchill Tubed Cigar – 1 Single (55 x 5 1/4″)



Romeo y Julieta produce over 40 different shapes and sizes, some are considered the very best of their class. Having so many different sizes and shapes and keeping up with a worldwide, high demand of these great cigars, it is extremely impressive that they still continue to produce some of the finest quality cigars to this day.

Each of these cigars is packed full of smooth, subtle, medium flavoured aromas which are the trademark of the Romeo y Julieta brand.


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